Luke's Gospel - part 3

Lukanyň hoş habary   What happened before Jesus was born 26 When Elizabeth's baby had grown inside her for nearly six months, God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth. Nazareth is a town in Galilee. 27 Gabriel went there to visit a young woman. Her name was Mary. She had never had sex with anyone. She had promised to marry a man called Joseph. He belonged to the family of King David.  [i] 28 Gabriel went to Mary and said, ‘Hello, Mary. The Lord God loves you very much. He is very near to you.’ 29 Mary had a lot of problems in her mind about what Gabriel said. She did not understand why he said it. 30 ‘Do not be afraid, Mary,’ Gabriel went on to say. ‘God has been kind to you. 31 Listen! A baby boy will grow inside you. When he is born, you will call him Jesus. 32 He will be great. People will call him the Son of the powerful God who is over all. The Lord God will make him king. He will rule as his ancestor King David ruled. 33 He will rule over the family of Jacob for all time. He will be king for all time, without end.’  [j] [k] 34 Mary asked, ‘How can this happen? I have never had sex with anyone.’ 35 Gabriel answered, ‘The Holy Spirit will come to you. The power of God who is over all will cover you like a shadow. So, your child will be special to God. He will be completely good. He will be called God's Son. 36 Another thing! Your cousin, Elizabeth, is very old. People said that she could not have a baby. Listen! She also will have a son. The baby has grown inside her now for nearly six months. 37 There is nothing that God cannot do.’ 38 Mary answered, ‘I am the servant of the Lord . I have heard what you have said. I want it to happen to me just like that.’ Then the angel left her.
  • [i]1:27 David had been a king of Israel . We can read about him in 1 Samuel 16.
  • [j]1:33 Both Joseph and Mary came from the family of King David.
  • [k]1:33 The family of Jacob means all the Jews .