Luke's Gospel - part 6

Lukanyň hoş habary   John the Baptist is born 57 The time arrived for Elizabeth to have her baby. She had a son. 58Her family and the people who lived near her heard about her baby. They knew that the Lord had been very kind to her. They saw that she was happy. So they were happy too. 59 When the child was eight days old, people came to circumcise the child. They wanted to call the child Zechariah. This was the same name that his father had.  [m] 60 Elizabeth said, ‘No. His name will be John.’ 61 They replied, ‘But you do not have anybody in your family called John. That cannot be right.’ 62 So they used signs and asked his father. They wanted to know the boy's name. 63 Zechariah asked for something to write on. He wrote, ‘His name is John.’ Everyone was very surprised at what he wrote. 64 Immediately, Zechariah could speak again. He could speak without difficulty. He began to thank God loudly.  [n] 65 The people who lived near Zechariah and Elizabeth were very surprised. They saw how great God was. Many people who lived in the hills of Judea also talked about all these things. 66 Everyone who heard about these things thought about them. They asked each other, ‘When this child becomes a man, what will he be?’ They could see that God really was with him.
  • [m]1:59 They circumcised all baby boys in Israel on the eighth day. It means to cut off the skin from the end of the sex part of a boy or a man. For the Jews , it was a special mark. It showed that they were the people of God. Friends and people that lived near would also be there. They had a party and they gave a name to the boy. We can read about this in Genesis, chapter 17.
  • [n]1:64 Everything had happened quite as the angel had said. We can read what the angel said in Luke 1:19-20.